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Episode 7: No Degree? No Problem! (Jonaed Iqbal)

October 29, 2021 Jonaed Iqbal Season 1 Episode 7
Hey It's Julie Podcast
Episode 7: No Degree? No Problem! (Jonaed Iqbal)
Show Notes

Do we judge our mechanic by his or her ability to pass a calculus test? Of course not! 
So, what does that have to do with my guest for this episode? 
I’m about to tell you! 

Based in New York City, Jonaed Iqbal is a career consultant who is set on shattering the stigma associated with hiring people without college degrees. He believes that regardless of background, academic achievement, or formal education, everyone has something to offer and everyone deserves meaningful work, especially since a degree is usually not an accurate representation of a person or their intelligence in the first place. 

He is not anti-education though. He holds a Master of Science in Actuarial Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He worked as an Actuary for a few years before he cashed out his retirement so he could pursue working on NoDegree.com.  

While he understands that the college route isn’t for everyone and is committed to helping them find meaningful career paths, he also works with those with college degrees. He’s worked on over 75 candidates, many of whom have gotten jobs at places like Tesla, Amazon, AT&T and MetLife.  

Jonaed has a unique background. He was born in Bangladesh, moved to NYC when he was 3 years old and learned English by watching cartoons on TV. He's an avid networker, always looking to create meaningful connections with others both professionally and personally. Jonaed is a friendly and open-minded person, dedicated to his family and friends. People around him describe him as a kind, supporting, caring person, whose mission is to help others. 

He is the founder of NoDegree.com and No Degree Podcast. He also operates ACE Virtual Events and creates resumes as well as teaches resume writing. I would say his story definitely qualifies as an interesting reinvention story.  In this episode of Hey It’s Julie, I spend some time chatting with Jonaed Iqbal about his business, his evolution and more. 

Guest: Jonaed Iqbal, 
No Degree.com and No Degree Podcast

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