Reinvention Adventures

The Big Idea

July 06, 2021 Julie Basello Season 1
Reinvention Adventures
The Big Idea
Reinvention Adventures
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Show Notes

I’m trying something a little different between interviews and I wanted to share it with you. This episode is kicking off a sub series I am bringing to you as part of this podcast called Reinvention Adventure. I am still going to do interviews—I promise. Interviews and human stories are the basis of this podcast adventure for me. But I’ve had so many comments and questions about what I do as a Business Mentor, Content Creator and Marketing Content Coach that I decided to create a new series. This series will include tips, resources and insights for those who are just starting out on a business reinvention for themselves and are feeling a little lost about things like branding, social media marketing and content creation. I will cover all different aspects of the process to hopefully ease you into your business reinvention or at the very least, give you some helpful advice on various relevant topics.

I know that I am one voice in a sea of voices. I want you to know that I’m a regular person like you who happened to gain a ton of knowledge on my business journey. And I like to share. Everything will not be appropriate for everyone so if something doesn’t work for you, just focus on using what does work for you. I find that I gain insight into things even when I listen to information about topics I already have some knowledge about. Sometimes hearing things from a different voice just reinforces what you know or allows something to hit a different way. Not a bad thing….

Okay so, Let’s start off this series with a chat about the big idea. Everything starts with the big idea. What exactly do I mean when I say The Big Idea….Listen to this episode to find out.

Thank you for listening.

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