Reinvention Adventures

Not the Queen

April 05, 2021 Julie Basello Season 1 Episode 3
Reinvention Adventures
Not the Queen
Reinvention Adventures
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Show Notes

Hey, It’s Julie

Welcome to Episode 3 of my podcast. 

For this episode, I talk about reinvention, starting over, changing everything and moving forward. My last guest in Episode 2 spoke about reinventing himself and I felt like it was a topic that could use a bit more focus because I have often been asked about my own reinvention journey... How I did it, Why I did it…
I will be discussing some of the things I've done to reinvent myself and I will give you some tips in case you are on the verge of wanting to make a big life change.

Want to share your reinvention story? Hit me up on social media or email me at I would love to hear your story.

Host: Julie Basello
Production and Marketing: Julie Basello

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