Hey It's Julie Podcast

Episode 2: A Very Boring Talk (Ryan Boring)

March 22, 2021 Ryan Boring Season 1 Episode 2
Hey It's Julie Podcast
Episode 2: A Very Boring Talk (Ryan Boring)
Show Notes

Welcome to a very boring talk...but not really...it's just a chat with Ryan Boring, Marketing Director for Samuel Goldwyn Films. Ryan is a gay Christian who left his life behind in New Jersey 5 years ago to start a new life in Los Angeles. Hear about his work and his personal journey towards a more authentic life as he chats with host, Julie Basello.
This is a behind the scenes look at marketing, movies, a little bit of mayhem, and making life changes.

Guest: Ryan Boring 
(Find him on Instagram @ryanboring1)

Host: Julie Basello
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